Carry – Can Ch Carry-Jessie v Lana’s Hof CD

  • Buddy v Lana’s Hof x Jessie v Lana’s Hof
  • October 19, 1993 - October 2008

We were so pleased with Nicole-Blackie v Lana’s Hof that we talked with Mart Scheepers (Van Lana’s Hof) about importing another dog from him. Early in 1994, he called to say he had a very promising young pup that we could have. He offered to keep “Carry” until we went to the Netherlands in May ’94 for the Dutch Specialty. Skip and Elsie Stanbridge were with us when we went to see Mart and Mia and all their dogs. We walked into their kitchen and a young dog jumped up on Elsie and licked her face. She said, “I think he likes me.” That was our introduction to Carry. Like Niki, Carry was a very strong-minded, intense dog who loved to play. Also like Niki, he was never fond of other dogs in his personal space.

Carry was used at stud five times, but then had a seizure when he was five years old so, of course, was removed from stud. He had a couple of seizures per year after that - very mild seizures that would have been easy to miss if you didn't know what to look for.

Carry doing what he loved best - playing frisbee!

 March 2007 - At 13+ years, Carry still likes to hold what passes for a frisbee, as he slowly lopes around in the shallow snow.


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